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Coniston First Responders were formed in 2003 and presently have 12 members.  We are a group of committed volunteers, trained and monitored by the North West Ambulance Service.  First Responders play a vital role in the rural communities they serve.  As the name suggests we are the first people to respond to a life threatening emergency.  

We are paged to respond once a 999 call is made.  Our current average response time is 3.25 minutes.  An ambulance in a rural village like Coniston can take up to 45 minutes to arrive.  Precious time could be lost, however, Coniston First Responders are there to help, take vital details, administer oxygen when necessary and also deliver CPR and use an AED.  Sometimes just being there can make all the difference, especially for the elderly or those who live on their own.  We keep in contact with the ambulance service and ensure that Responders who are not needed at the scene can be visible to the ambulance when arriving in the village – not all homes are satnav friendly!

During the winter months please take a moment to study the outside of your house.  How visible is your number or house name?  Is it hidden by a large bush?  How visible would it be to somebody who does not know your area well and was trying to find it at 5am on a cold, dark, rainy, windy morning?  It really would help us to help you if you could please ensure your house number or name is visible.  If an ambulance is needed at night, please also turn lots of lights on so that you can be located more easily thus enabling help to be given more quickly.  

Remember – if you suspect someone in your family is having a cardiac arrest or stroke do not hesitate to call 999 FIRST.  Do not run to ask a neighbour, phone 999 and ask for the Ambulance Service.  Explain the situation, they are there to help and advise you.  Coniston First Responders will be called to assist in the event of someone having a cardiac arrest, stroke or breathing difficulties.

Coniston First Responders are all volunteers who live in Coniston and are trained to deal with a number of emergencies.  We are totally self-funded and rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help us.  

In 2012 we applied to HMRC and were granted Charity Status, this has enabled us to collect Gift Aid on all donations over the last four years, boosting our funds by over £500.

Coniston Co-operative have been a valued supporter of the group since we were formed and we are most grateful for their continued commitment to help fund our pagers, meeting rooms and equipment.

Since May 2013 to February 2014 we have responded to 42 call outs and have been able to help locals and visitors alike.

For more information or help with a donation please call:-

Harry Kilgour – Chairman, 015394 41771
John Lace – Treasurer, 015394 49026
Helen Lace – Secretary, 015394 49026


                                Voluntary Social Car Scheme

The Scheme is one of the ways the County Council provides access for residents to essential services. It is intended for those people who have no other means of transport provided and if public or private transport is not available to them. The service can be used for a variety of reasons e.g. dentist, optician, connections with trains or buses and may include some patients who are not deemed eligible for hospital transport.
Volunteer drivers will transport passengers from home to their appointments  at a reasonable cost, approximately 35p per mile. A journey to Ulverston or Windermere is capped at £7, Journeys to Barrow or Kendal will cost approximately £13.
At present there are 12 drivers in the Coniston scheme. They use their own cars and are re-imbursed  petrol costs by the County.

Another option is Rural Wheels. This scheme involves passengers using a ‘Smartcard’ to pay for travel and a central booking system to plan journeys. Further information can be obtained from the County Council tel. 0845 6023786  

Coniston Crown Green Bowling

Chairman: Harry Kelly 41585
Secretary; Krys Browning 49556 - Email;-
Treasurer: John Darragh 41564
Everyone welcome
When? April to October.
How? Members are available most afternoons to give advice.  
Cost? £2 pp per session
Want to join? Contact John.
No woods? There are some in club house which you can borrow
Children? Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

                                    Indoor Bowling

Indoor bowling is held in the Institute during the winter months. The sessions usually run from October until April every Friday afternoon  1:30p.m. – 4p.m.
All equipment is provided and everyone is welcome. The cost is £1 per session and that includes a cup of tea and a biscuit.
For any further information Tel. Krys Browning 49556 


1st Hawkshead Guides, Brownies and Rainbows have weekly meetings and would like to invite any girls aged from 5 years upwards to join us in a lot of fun activities from the Guiding programme. Girls aged 14 and over can come along as a Young Leader and gain valuable skills towards a career working with children. Adults aged 18 and over can join us a Leaders in Training or as Unit Helpers.
If you go to the Cumbria South web site to see what we do or to the Girlguiding web site and go to Join Us if you or your child would like to join.
We also have a Trefoil Guild. This is for ladies who are interested in meeting once a month in an afternoon to support the local Guiding units and have fun themselves.
For more information you can email Judith on


Coniston Arts & Crafts Society    -  Jackie Hadwin  -  015394 41216
Girlguiding                           -  Judith - 015394 41245
Cameo Club  ( over 65's)                  -  Bill Bateman  -  015394 41595
Sequence Dancing                    -  Bill Bateman  -  015394 41595

Coniston & Torver Gardening Club   -  John Stoddart  -  015394 41394
Cricket Club                      -  Natalie Swaby  -  078 5901 4057
Coniston Women's Institute         -  Judy Jones  -  015394 41046
Local History Club                  -  Phil Scott  -  014394 41310
Ramblers Club                     -  Bill Bateman  -  015394 41595
Coniston & Torver District Angling Association  -  Harry Pennington  -  015394 41468
Coniston & District International Association  -  Contact: Jackie Coe  -  015394 41654
Coniston Twinning Association  -  Contact: Jackie Coe (Secretary) Home: 015394 41654                                        Work: 05601 272044       Mobile: 07776 140607
Flood Forum                      -  Steve Emmett  -  015394 41692

Institute Committee              -  Vicki Jenkinson - 015394 41319
National Trust - South Lakes Property - John Moffatt  -  015394 41456

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